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Our Story

During a visit to Sydney in early 2018, Alex and Tara rediscovered the magic that is op-shopping. Following that fateful trip, visits to local op-shops became frequent and continued as they travelled throughout Europe and then moved across the ditch to Melbourne. With the hunt moving from second-hand shops to online, Alex’s passion for finding epic vintage tees began to grow.

Fast-forward a few years and Alex and Tara returned to NZ. With a wardrobe full of vintage finds, Alex began to wonder what it would be like to provide other vintage-lovers with accessible, affordable vintage.

A late-night discussion ensued and Planet Vintage was born in November 2020.

Today, Planet Vintage is more than just a vintage clothing store. It's a community of individuals who believe in ethical fashion, sustainability, and the importance of preserving the past. Join us in our mission to provide accessible and affordable vintage clothing while promoting a more sustainable future.

The Team